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Ragdolls truly deserve their name. They are friendly, sweet, loving, docile, gentle and
serene. Although they have many good qualities, it is the personality which has made
people call Ragdolls addictive!

Ragdolls are "people-oriented" cats who love to be with humans and attach strongly to
their owners. They are calm, yet moderately active and like to play. With their easy-going attitude, they get along well with other animals and children and rarely use their claws
while playing with someone.

Ragdolls are less stubborn than most cats tend to be and they can be easily trained. They usually learn the same tricks as dogs, like retrieving toys, rolling and begging. They are generally not destructive at home, because they are calm and usually prefer the floor-level
to climbing. Due their lack of undercoat, Ragdolls shed relatively little.


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