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About Us
I've always admired the Ragdoll and dreamed that someday I might own one. Being a
certified veterinary technician of 21 years, I've seen a wide variety of cat breeds come
through the doors of the animal hospital where I work. One of the vet clinic clients had
2 seven month old Ragdolls that she could no longer keep and asked if I would be
interested in adopting them. I could not believe that I could be so lucky! Murphy and Sully
moved in and stole my heart. Adding them to my household made me realize just how
much I love the breed. I purchased my first breeder in 2003 and haven't looked back
since. Because of my love of Ragdolls, I started Arctic Blue...hoping that others will
appreciate their wonderful qualities and loving nature. Even more, I'm hoping that you will
want to share your home with one and let a Ragdoll melt your heart! Check out the
Ragdoll breed profile here.

We attend many shows and
have met and made many
friends along the way. There
are several who are special
and have been extremely
helpful to us. They include
CelesTrail Cats, Country Rags,
and SunnyShores.
In your
search for a Ragdoll of your
own, please click on their cattery names to visit their websites.
Thanks for visiting Arctic Blue!

We are registered in and members of:

American Cat Fanciers Association


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